Due to the cancellation of Sportskongres 2022, all participants with an abstract selected for a poster presentation is presented here.

*this page is a bit heavy, due to the many posters. Have patience!

Lisa Reimer - Does Daily physical activity differ between patients with femoroacetabular impingement syndrome and patients with hip displacia?
Ra’ad Khair - Muscle-tendon morphomechanical properties of non-surgicallytreated Achilles tendon 1-year post-rupture
Jo Verschueren - The interaction of acute physical fatique with three traditional functional perfomance tests and the reactive balance test
Catarina Malmberg - Measurement of glenohumeral instability in traumatic anterior shoulder instability
Martin D. Jørgensen - Patients with developed dysplasia of the hip experienced a considerable impact on their everyday lives in several areas identity, meaningfulness , control over pain and coping with pain
Jasmin Bagge - Microfragmentation for processing stem cells from adipose tissue is promising when compared to enzymatic digestion for the treatment of ostearthritis
Michelle C. Haas - Biomechanical analysis of selected risk factors for an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rupture during training with the ExerCube
Kasper Spoorendonk - Pain, function, and quality of life before and after surgical treatment of proximal hamstring avulsion
Manuel P. Trancoso - Effect of exercise training before and after bariatric surgery: A systematic review
Jens R. Jakobsen - Fiber type differences in the surface area of the human myotendinous junction